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The DC Air National Guard is located on Andrews Air Force Base.
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More about goal and position of the District of Columbia Air National Guard
Also about DCANG and New Jersey Air National Guard,

Main significance of this information is the affirmation that on 11 september 2001 figterplanes nearby Washington DC should have been able to intercept hostile airliners. The projectile (plane or missile) that crashed into the Pentagon was locked on radar far before it hit. PEOC (located beneath the White House East Wing), with vice-president Cheney in charge, was aware of this.
Knowledge from Cheney became clear at Norm Mineta's (former Secretary of Transportation) testimony for the 911 Commission (also YouTube). However, Mineta's particular words on this matter are edited out from the911 Commission video archives and left out (numbers 85,86) from the 911-Commission Report. Complete transcript.

Detailed information on 9/11 and NORAD (in Dutch language)

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DC Air National Guard Logo






To provide combat units in the highest

possible state of readiness. We will support

the Air Force and other DOD agencies. We

will provide operational support to our

local communities whenever possible.


To be the premier organization in the Air

National Guard recognized as the

benchmark for fulfilling our federal, state,

and community missions.